Executive Director

Mr. Rishabh Jain


From desk of Mr. Rishabh Jain

Make yourself so worthy, that you become the dawn of a greater future. We, at Swarnim Startup & Innovation University (SSIU), are strong believers of this philosophy and want to make our students, so worthy, that the sun rises and shines for them.

In the ever evolving global market, we need intellectuals who are dynamic, far-sighted and most importantly, innovative. The demands of the EMPANELED world require innovative thinkers who are ready to take up challenges as well as be triumphant.

Our courses and programs have been designed for holistic development such that the aspirants are skilled, creative and confident, all at the same time. We make them intellectually adept; socially and technically sound through initiatives like regular brainstorming sessions, seminars, group discussions, case studies, project presentations and thought provoking events. We promise to not just strengthen their knowledge base but make them proficient enough to confront organizational challenges.

I invite you to be a part of this progressive platform of education and gain from our state of the art facilities and teaching methods. Our committed faculty, curriculum and excellent facilities ensures that you improve your skills, have impressive qualifications, embark on a global career and lead a blazing trail of success.Come and take your life to a newer height. Shape your future at our campus. I wish a bright future ahead for you all. God bless!

Mr. Adi Jain

Vice President

From desk of Mr. Adi Jain

“The educated man is the man who can do something. The quality of his work marks his degree of his education.”

Mr.Adi Jain is creative, young, dynamic, and visionary second generation entrepreneur. He has contributed as founding member of projects in Education, Film Making, Training & Management Consultancy, Real Estate, and Petrochemicals. His application of international exposure and knowledge of multicultural entrepreneurship is helping to create an innovative learning culture making students competent at global stage.

He is awarded Masters in Management (Entrepreneur & Innovation) by La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia; Bachelors of Engineering (Electronics & Communication) by Indus Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad. He is: Director – Swastik Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd; Vice Chairman – G P Jain Charitable Trust; Vice Chairman – Arihant Seva Samiti; Director – Aarham Entertainment He is also founding members of a social enterprise The MOB (Men On Bikes) and a training & management consultancy firm “THE IDEA SHOWCASE.”With his knowledge, experience and leadership skills in education and enterprising he is very well managing daily operations of wide range of businesses at young age. He will be utilizing his multicultural skills of creativity, experience of management, and leadership skills and will play a pivotal role in establishment, management, and operations of the University.

Dr. M. N. Patel


From desk of Dr. M. N. Patel

Welcome to Swarnim Startup & Innovation University

At the very onset, I am prompted to use this quote:

“Change is an eternal process & an attitude has to be cultivated to bring out best of your ability”

Hence, the dynamics of the fast-changing and developing world urges the academicians to give the right impetus for making students life-long learners. Making this mark a pathway for the students of SSIU to enhance their innovative insight, we, at SSIU , made strong endeavors to contribute in social and economic development through the advancement and application of knowledge of Startup and entrepreneurship. The programs offered by the University are diverse and have made strong marks of recognition in the field of Innovation, Startup, and Entrepreneurship also by keeping alive the norms of conventional education. The programs are designed in such a way that in addition to provide the basics of any degree or diploma courses, we intend to add fragrance of startup and entrepreneurship concepts to harness our students’ potential and enhance their career opportunities. Moreover, such programs will help our students to develop capabilities and competitiveness to cope with the requirements of modern industry, not with the potential of Job-seeker but Job Provider.

From 12th plan to 13th plan of Panchvarshiy Yojana, India has targeted to achieve 20% to 32% GER. However, against this mission, creating job opportunities for all is a challenging issue. To suffice the need of the time, the concepts of more and more startup and entrepreneurship are to be promoted. Hence, SSIU is established with the target to support the startup mission of India and vision of Our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

At SSIU, we have people with ideas of innovations, creativity, and conviction to passionately nurture talent and to create global leaders in the vital areas. We are inviting you to be part of Swarnim Startup & Innovation University. I on behalf of the university fraternity, look forward to the constructive cooperation and assistance from all associated with Swarnim Startup & Innovation University

Dr. Ragin Shah

Director General

From desk of Dr. Ragin Shah

I feel privileged to welcome you all at the hub of learning where Innovation, Startup, and Entrepreneurship are the hallmark of the University. To ensure that our students are taught todays and future requirements of the competitive globe, we, at SSIU , have designed the curriculum in different way so to ignite the healthy competitive spirit in all the aspirants.

At SSIU , we have a job of responsibility and devout commitment to enlighten the lives of our Students. Well, this is not a juncture to stop; we attempt to have a lion’s share in the development of India by offering best education, Interdisciplinary approach in research and imminent approach to creativity and Innovation.

Let shower your career with fragrance of Innovation, Startup, and Entrepreneurship. Join us to evolve into aspiring students, Innovators and budding Entrepreneurs.

Bipin V Mehta

Executive Director

Dr. Sushil Kumar Thakur


From desk of Dr. Sushil Kumar Thakur

I, joyfully welcome you all: my dear brilliant students already enrolled and many more aspirant meritorious ones, cordially awaited to join us at the picturesque University campus in this historical city, Gandhinagar (Guj)

As, future leaders of this great nation, you will be imparted here education in its truest form and intent, and when I say so, towards the threshold of my five decade as a person and further fortified by the inspirational words and great thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi as where there is love , there is life. As also in the words of the first Prime Minister, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru - We live in a Wonderful World, that is full of Beauty, Charm & Adventure. This is literally true for this University.

In our efforts to deliver quality & career led education, we put more emphasis on determining one to one contact and also be very much attentive to vital needs of each student. Our faculty team relentlessly monitors progress of every student and guide them accordingly on the way to achieve all success in their life and career ahead.

I look forward to be a humble partner with you all and your dedicated caring parents so sincerely devoted to see you at the highest point of your career-formation edifice decorated with the richest possible human values and Golden Futuristic Leadership (SWARNIM).

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