School of Science

The overall goal at swarnim Startup & innovation University for school of Science is to develop and enhance the capabilities of students by research and possessing originality and conduct pioneering research at frontlines of various scientific fields. Here, at Swarnim University we undertake high-quality teaching and research across the natural and physical sciences, mathematics, biology and computer science technology. The programs are combined of theory based and practical, laboratory work and integrated learning experiences to ensure students with scientific skills and concepts necessary for them to excel in this field.

School of Science focuses on understanding, reasoning and improving the natural world through systematic observation, experimentation, modeling and calculation.

Post Graduate Courses
Master Duration Intake
Master of Science-Chemistry 2 Years 20
Master of Science-Biotechnology 2 Years 20
Master of Science-Microbiology 2 Years 20

Course Description

Undergraduate Courses
Bachelors Duration Intake
Bachelor of Science-Mathematics 3 years 60
Bachelor of Science-Chemistry 3 years 60
Bachelor of Science-Biotechnology 3 years 60
Bachelor of Science-Physics 3 years 60
Bachelor of Science-Microbiology 3 years 60
Bachelor of Science- Agriculture 4 years 100

Course Description

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