School of Media

Film Making

B.Sc/B.A. in FilmMaking 3 Years
Post Graduate Courses
Bachelors Duration
PG in FilmMaking 2 Years

Course Description

At Swarnim Startup & Innovation University, our philosophy is learning by doing, something students will experience from the second they step into one of our many facilities around the world. Whether potential students are interested in creating feature length films, shorts, music videos, or documentaries, the Academy’s diverse filmmaking courses will fit each student’s specific needs as an aspiring filmmaker. In creating the curriculum that makes up our film school, we worked directly with Professionals and many more to foster an environment that promotes success at every level. By adapting the techniques and ideas from the leading university film schools to a set of courses that focus on in-depth vocational training, our students receive not just an education, but a set of experiences that give them the hands-on experience necessary to actually realize their goals as filmmakers.

Bachelor in Journalism 3 years

Course Description

This course equips students with an understanding of the principles and practice of journalism with how to recognize good stories, gather facts through skillful interviewing and research, develop sources, and create news and feature articles that inform and engage readers. Students also learn the difference between journalism and public relations broadcast journalism and many other features. This course will also help students to gain experience in interviewing and editing for news content. This program will prepare students for a variety of careers, like academic, designer, editor, reporter, writer and any number of other positions in the media.

Event Management
Bachelor Duration
Event Management 3 Years
Master Duration
Event Management 2 Years

Course Description

This course aims to give formal instructions and training to students to be future managers of the Event Industry. So that, they prove their technical proficiency to effectively adjust, grow and excel in the field of Event Management. This course is designed to prepare students for employment in events planning and or meeting management. The content includes the principles and practices of sound public relations, planning and organizing events, meetings, conferences, or conventions, and prepares students for employment opportunities with trade and professional associations, consulting firms, non-profit organizations, and corporations.

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